Artist Bio

Arts  Education

2005                              Diploma of Visual Art
                              Southbank Institute of TAFE                                                                                                                                      
2002                              Certificate IV in Marketing                                                     
                                       Southbank Institute of  TAFE and Management in the Creative Arts  Industries


2000,2001 2002          Art of the Bruin Invitational Group Exhibition,
                                       Sunbury, Melbourne ,Victoria

2001                              Calgary International Teddy Round-up
                                       Invitational Exhibition and Show
                                       Sheraton Hotel Convention Centre, Calgary , Canada

2007                              OverFlow  -  ATASDA /Fibrearts Guild of Pittsburgh, USA
                                       Collaborative  touring exhbition
                                       Feb - sept   07

2007                              Of The Earth –  ATASDA    (Australian Textile And Surface Design  
                                       Artists) – sculptural wall canvases
                                      The Palm House, Botanic Gardens  ,Sydney

2008                              Out of the Blue  -  ATASDA    (Australian Textile And Surface Design  
                                       Artists) – sculptural /mixed media  wall canvases 
                                       14-26 August
                                       The Palm House,  Botanic Gardens  ,Sydney

2008                              Inspired By May  -  ATASDA collaborative exhibition with Nutcote                                                                                                              Historical society celebrating the life and works of author  -   naturalist           
                                       May Gibbs. -   3D mixed Media sculpture
                                       Feb 14 –May 4                Stanton Library, North Sydney Heritage Centre,Miller St, North Sydney
                                       Expected to be a touring Exhibition 2010/11

2009                              Leaf No Stone Unturned
                                       ATASDA QLD  - invited to exhibit Inspired By May piece
                                       September 9 - 21
                                       Robina Art Gallery, Robina Community Centre, 
                                       Robina ,Gold Coast, Qld 

2009                              State of the Art Quilt 09  -Juried art quilt exhibition
                                       2QAQ – Queensland Quilters
                                       Shades of Grey  -  Art Quilt
                                       Touring exhibition  -  Gold Coast  Craft and Quilt Fair  - March 27 /29
-                              Townsville Craft and Quilt Fair  - April 2/5 , Boonah Art Gallery And Childers Art Gallery

2009                              Connections             
                                       Thread Studios –Perth
                                        Inaugural Worldwide Embellisher Textile Challenge -Winner
                                       Touring exhibition   - Australian Quilt Conference in Melbourne (Feb 09)
                                       Textile Art Festival , Brisbane(May 09 ) ,WA Craft, Quilt & Stitch Show ,                                                                                                              Perth (Aug 09)
                                        and The Knitting and Stitching Show , Alexandra Palace, UK , (Oct 09 )

2009                              Intergrating Perspectives – A Pallet of Fibre
                                       Curator and exhibitor
                                       Group Exhibition arising from a Master class with Carole Wilkes               
                                       (textile artist/tutor) with ATASDA –Qld  in 2007/8
                                       3D sculptural/mixed media piece
                                       Arts Factory Gallery, Merivale St, Sth Brisbane
                                       March 5 –11

2009                              Textile Art Festival –Recycling Challenge
                                       Finalist in the Wall art category with a tryptch called “Fragile Futures”

2009                               “That Felted Feeling"
                                        Pine Rivers Art Gallery  ,Brisbane
                                        July 7-  Aug 22nd   2009

2009                              ATASDA Touring Exhibition with Experttise events -Brisbane,Perth, Sydney,Melbourne,Adelaide and                                                   Canberra  
                                       Bugs and Botanica Challenge and Exotica Head pieces and masks

2010                             Textile Tantrums
                                      Thread Studios –Perth
                                       2 pieces - Forest Floor and Low Tide
                                      Touring exhibition   - Australian Quilt Conference in Melbourne (Feb 10)
                                      Textile Art Festival , Brisbane(May 10 ) ,WA Craft, Quilt & Stitch Show ,                                                                                                              Perth (Aug  10), NZ Craft and Stirches -Hamilton
                                       and The Knitting and Stitching Show , Alexandra Palace, UK , (Oct  10 )

2011                             State of the Art Quilt  11  -Juried art quilt exhibition
                                       2QAQ – Queensland Quilters Art Quilters
                                       Life as we know it!
                                      Touring exhibition  -,Textile Arts Festival-Brisbane,
                              Townsville Craft and Quilt Fair  -,, Boonah Art Gallery And Childers Art Gallery,Bribie Island Art Space
                                       Selected to be shown at the Baltimore SAQA Conference in April 2012

2011                              Forward Motion -
                                       Juried  and Exhibited at 
                                       The Festival of Quilts, Birmingham UK
                                       August  11 -14 2011

2011                              Undercurrents
                                       Combined Exhibition with Mel Forrest and Tricia Smout 
                                       Sept 08 - 15  2011
                                       Art Factory
                                       Southbank , Brisbane

2012                              "Unfinishabe Project " Textile Project to be displayed at Alexander Palace, Uk Sept 2012
                                       Submission of embellished face for exhibition, touring in the Uk and book feature.

2012                             State of the Art Quilt  12   - Juried art quilt exhibition
                                       2QAQ – Queensland Quilters Art Quilters
                                       "Red Road, Blue Sky" and " Tidelines" Both entries selected for exhibition.
                                       Currently touring a no. of regional galleries.

2012                              State of the Art Retrospective Exhibition 
                                       Shades of Grey piece selected for resopective exhibition of the State of the Art since inception'
                                       Pine Rivers Gallery  July -Aug.

2013                              State of the Art Quilt  12   - Juried art quilt exhibition
                                       2QAQ – Queensland Quilters Art Quilters
                                       "Journey on" 
                                       Touring Qld for 2013-2014

2013                               State of the Art Rerospective exhibition
                                        Redlands Art Gallery
                                        Sept. 2013

2013                              SAQA (Studio Arts Quilt  Association)      International organization for Art Quilting
                                       Silent Auction Piece on show online and at Houston USA and the SAQA Conference Santa Fe ,May 2013
                                       Journey on 2

2013                              Common Threads
                                      Exhibition by the QLD Spinners, Dyers, weavers and Fibre Artists                     
                                      Brisbane Central Library
                                      Sept - Oct 2013

2013                              Grace Arts Events Group Exhibition
                                      Bird Gallery
                                      9 - 13 th Sept 2013

2013                             Botanique
                                     Brisbane Botanic Gardens

2014                            Embodiment 
                                    69 St Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne
                                      April 9 – 27

2014                            Brisbane City Council Libraries
                                      Exhibition by the QLD Spinners, Dyers, weavers and Fibre Artists  
                                    Brisbane Central Library (then touring)
                                    July – August –Sept. 

2014                            Out of the Box – Fibre Art Expo
                                      Trinity Grammar School
                                    Delmar Art Gallery, Ashfield, Nsw
                                     July 25 – Aug 3

2014                           Smallworks 2014 Art Prize
                                     Brunswick St Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne
                                     August 1 -20

Professional   Art Experience

1995 – present                  
Soft Sculpture  and Textile Artist
Internet/ Home based soft sculpture business - Bearly There Creations  
This involved:   
  • Management of all business operations,
  • Creation of art  for collectors world-wide,
  • Maintenance of  Australian and o/s client base,
  • Creation and supply of  customers orders,
  • Attendance at trade shows interstate, and overseas,
  • Website Design and maintenance
  • President of ATASDA (Australian Texile and Surface Design Artists)  -,au
  • Co ordinator and committee member Queensland Quilters Art Quilters
  • Curator for 2 exhibitions in the last 3 years

 Mar 2005 - Dec  2006   

 Wardrobe Assistant
 Brisbane Arts Theatre  - Petrie Tce , Brisbane
This involved
  • the daily running of the Costume and Hire department 
  • Care and maintenance of existing costumes including alterations and repairs
  • Creation of costumes for plays including fittings, alterations etc.
  • Costume design for a no.of plays at the arts theatre and co-ordination of sets of costumes for outside hire to                  other  theatre companies, music videos and ad production companies and movie sets etc
  • Hire of costumes to the general public
  • Care of authentic props and hire items.

2005 - 2013
President ATASDA National 2013

 Founding Member of ATASDA QLD.
This involved 
  • Initally a wide variety of positions including minutes secretary, venue co ordinator, workshop organizer ,alternate chairposition.
  • Once established I was Workshop Convenor for 4 years
  • Guest Speaker organizer for 3 years whilst doing the above position,
  • National Atasda General Comittee member 2007-2011
  • National ATASDA President 2011-2013

( ATASDA -Australian Textile and Surface Design Association),au 

Sept 2014 - Dec.2015
Trainee Mosaic and ceramic artist
  • learning mosaic and ceramic skills
  • Participation in the creation of private and public  installations with Internationally renowned Ceramic and Mosaic artist Jane du Rand 


FE5/6  2012                  Teaching cl asses at Janome Sewco,Mt Gravatt , Brisbane on the

Nov 2011                     Teaching cl asses at Janome Sewco,Mt Gravatt , Brisbane on the

Oct 2011                      Teaching cl asses at Caloundra Textiles Group Sunshine Coast QLD on the

June 2011                   Teaching cl asses at ATASDA NSW branch  on the

May  2011                Teaching cl asses at Janome Sewco,Mt Gravatt , Brisbane on the

APRIL 2011                Teaching cl asses at aTASDA , Brisbane on the embellisher

Apr/Mar 2009              Teaching cl asses at Janome Sewco,Mt Gravatt , Brisbane on the

May 2009                     Teaching Classes to students at QUT Fashion/creative Arts
                                       Kelvin Gove Campus-Fashion Design Enclave, Brisbane.

Oct  11 2009                Teaching workshop "Embellisher 101" -for ATASDA-QLD

Mar   2011                    Teaching workshop "Embellisher 101" -for ATASDA-QLD  
April 2011                    Teaching workshop "Embellisher 102" -for ATASDA-QLD  
April 2011
June 2011                   2 day Workshop  ATASDA NSW

August 2011              Teaching workshop "Embellisher 101.102" -for  ATASDA NSW Branch
August 2011               Teaching workshop "Embellisher 101/102" - for Sewco Pty Ltd, M Mt Gravatt , Qld 
                                       1 day workshop      -Embellishing Scarves -   for Sewco Pty Ltd Mt Gravatt, QLD

October 2011             Teaching workshop "Embellisher 101/102" - for Caloundra Textile Group
October 2011             Teaching workshop "Advanced Embellisher " - for Sewco Pty Ltd Mt Gravatt, QLD.
Jan.       2012              Teaching workshop "Advanced Embellisher " - for Sewco Pty Ltd Mt Gravatt, QLD.
March    2012             Teaching workshop "Scarf Workshop"               -  private workshop Melbourne
June      2012              Teaching workshop "Embellisher 101/102"       - for  ATASDA WA
                                      Teaching workshop " Advanced Embellisher " - for ATASDA  WA
                                      Teaching workshop "Scarf workshop"                - for ATASDA  wa

Community  Volunteer Art Projects

1999 , 2000                  Out of the Box Festival   
                                       Assistant to artists for school based workshops  - Bulimba S.S

2002, 2003, 2004        Hands on Art –Southbank Corporation 
                                       Brisbane River festival –
                                       Created assorted lantern creatures and movable puppets 
                                       Created large scale, movable River creatures –Ibis, Mud crab, Mosquito  
                                       and  Red back spider These are used at official Southbank Corporation  
                                       and TAFE functions ie the 2004 Student  Exhibition                                      

 2003                             Woodford Folk Festival  
                                       Group participant in creation of a large scale paper and bamboo sundial       
                                       for burning at the Woodford Festival

 2004                             M.A.P ( Making art Projects)    
                                       Art workshops –Uniting Church , Sussex St Westend,     


1997                              Spirit /Kermode  Bear 
                                       The Dancing Bear Folk Museum,  Thermopollis, Wyoming

2001                              Grizzly Bear
                                      The Teddybear  Museum, JeJu, Korea 

2003/2004                    Duqoix the Racoon     
                                      Private Commission for use in a partly animated  children’s story 
                                      70cm high extremely detailed Racoon with armatures and part  animatronic movement.
                                       Reyo-san Pictures
                                       New Orleans , USA

I have completed numerous private commissions since 1995 and have pieces with collectors in Europe, Asia, Britain and the USA.


1999                              Brisbane Extra Program
                                       Artist Profile segment
2002                              Inclusion of 4 pieces of work on commercial CD-ROM
                                      Teddies, Bears and All that’
                                       Rotraud Illsch , Germany
2003                              Woodford Folk Festival  -Group Artist Photo
                                       Honours – Southbank Institute Newspaper –Summer edition
2004                              Anatomica  - 
                                       Selected piece of Soft sculpture representing Southbank TAFE in 
                                       the Art and Design Resource Guide 2005,2006 and 2007
2009                              article as finalist-textile Art Festivle recycling competition
                                       South East Advertiser         


1999                              Australian Artist Profile
                                      Teddy Bear Times (Britain)
2000                              Realistic bear article
                                      Teddy bear Scene (Britain)
2001                              Artist Profile
                                       Bear Creations(Australia)
2001                             Spirit Bear Awareness Article)
                                      Teddy and Friends (USA) and  Teddy Bear Times (Britain)
2002                              World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
                                       Auction Article 
                                      Teddy Bear Times (Britain)
2003                              Australian Artist Profile
                                      Teddybaren     (german)
2009                              Feature artist Profile
                                       Fibre line Magazine
2010                              Featured Artist -
                                       Premier Issue - Down Under Textiles
2011                              Images featured in Down Under Quilts, Australian Patchwork and Quilting, NZ quilt Guild Magazine                                                       and TAFTA magazine.
2011                             Down Under Textiles -Issue 5
2011                             Down Under Textiles -Issue 6

Magazine Projects   

Bear Creations                        Sierra  --  VOL 6  NO 5
                                                     Raffles – VOL 8  NO 2
                                                     Bailey  -- VOL 9  NO 7

Down Under Textiles
                                                     Premier Issue  -  Embellished Book cover
                                                     Issue  5              -  Embellished Lollipop Scarf -embellished project.
                                     Issue 6               - SOTA 2011 and Textile Art Festival-Brisbane --images.

Professional affilliations  

TAFTA   -  The Australian Forum for Textile Arts     -
ASTADA  -  Australian  Textile Arts And Surface Design Association Inc  -
ABAA   (American Bear Artists Association)     
Qld Spinners, Weavers and Dyers   
Threadends   -  Internet Fibre Artist group    
Qld Sulpture Association    
Queensland Quilters 
Queensland Quilters -Art Quilters Group.