Sasha is my very first needle felted face. She was created on cotton batting with black felt and wool roving, then I used straight and seed stitches to create shading and emphasis detailing.


Lauren was my second   embellished face. This piece was created from a b/w photo of my daughter at age 13. Unfortunately she doesnt like it but it is one of my altime favourites. 

Her face was created on wool batting with black/beige felt, assorted wools- roving and knitting yarns. Her eyes and features are highlighted by stitching with DMC embroidery threads, using seed andstraight stitches.

  Embellished Works
   my first ever embellished                   experiment

front  -  left

                         back - right

Another of my embellished faces
This face is fully 3D and sits almost 1" off the surface. It is highly textured and stitched
Original image
This is a selection of my embellished faces and other pieces